Passover 2017

Traditional Passover Dinner

Happy Passover from D.Z. Akin’s! On Monday, April 10 cheap football jerseys and Tuesday, April 11, D.Z. Akin’s will be serving our Traditional Passover Dinner.

<p cheap jerseys wholesale style=”text-align: center;”>Included in the Passover Dinner is a choice of Chopped Liver or Gefilte Fish, Matzo, Matzo Ball Soup, choice of Brisket of Beef or Roasted Half of Chicken, wholesale nfl jerseys Potato Kugel, Carrot & Sweet Potato Tzimmes plus Macaroons for dessert!

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Passover Items Price List

Passover Meals can be packaged to-go individually or as a feast for a minimum of 10 people. Place your order for a dinner or get passover items from our Deli and Bakery department: Cheap Oakleys 619-265-0218